Where can I get a used vehicle with warranty coverage on Maryland’s Eastern Shore?

Used Vehicles with Warranty Coverage in Salisbury, MD

Used vehicles are usually a great bargain; you get to forgo the pain of the massive depreciation that occurs the second you drive new car off the lot. However, there are some benefits that typically come with a new car that don’t come used for us here on the Delmarva Peninsula. One of these fickle benefits is warranty coverage.

Luckily for the warranty-oriented out there, more dealerships are starting to offer warranty coverage with used vehicles. This includes us here at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury!

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Hands hold flag

What serious events are taking place for Memorial Day 2021 near Salisbury, MD?

2021 Memorial Day Parades and Ceremonies on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Memorial Day tends to be a fun day of celebration and antics centered around a smoking grill. Like pagan rituals of old, Memorial Day typically signifies the unofficial start of summer. Humans need these periodic ceremonies to lubricate the gears of existence within the recurring cycle of seasons.

However, it’s also important to remember the “reason for the season,” as it were. For Memorial Day, the “reason” in question is to remember the soldiers that have nobly made the ultimate sacrifice for what they presumably believed to be a greater good. 

To help pay homage on the Delmarva Peninsula, our Pohanka Honda of Salisbury team has compiled the various events below. Check ‘em out for some ideas!

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A pile of credit cards

When was “credit score” invented?

History and Purpose of the Credit Score Concept

In the automotive world, credit score is a figure typically used to determine which lease or financing options a customer qualifies for. We at Pohanka Honda use it to determine which residents of Maryland’s Eastern Shore can be entrusted with low financing and lease rates, as well as special offers.

Credit score isn’t something that came wrapped up inherently with reality itself; it’s man-made. When was the concept of “credit score” first invented?

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2022 Honda Odyssey by some mountains

Why doesn’t the 2022 Honda Odyssey have a vacuum cleaner?

2022 Honda Odyssey Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

The Honda Odyssey has long been known for including unique, creative features that often go a surprisingly long way to increasing the convenience of family life. One of the favorites in this realm has been the vacuum cleaner, or HondaVac, a built-in contraption that could be used to easily vacuum out the rear seats of the favorite minivan.

While the 2022 Honda Odyssey is already here for customers to enjoy, some have been shocked when we at Pohanka Honda admit to them that this overall-excellent, recently redesigned incarnation of the beloved machine does not offer a vacuum cleaner. This is then inevitably followed by the question: why does the 2022 Honda Odyssey not offer a vacuum?

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2021 Honda Accord exterior

Where can I turn in my Honda lease on the Delmarva Peninsula?

Here at Pohanka Honda, we tell customers that leasing a new Honda is a solid way to get behind the wheel of an excellent modern vehicle without having to commit to a full purchase. Doing so provides one with access to a slew of the latest unique innovations, technological features, and automotive advances.

However, all good things must come to an end. If you find yourself somewhere on the Delmarva Peninsula in possession of a Honda lease that’s quickly winding to its inevitable conclusion, you’re likely wondering: where in the area can I turn in my leased Honda?

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