Rear end of a 2020 Honda Pilot, featuring various items stored inside.

What makes the 2020 Honda Pilot great?

2020 Honda Pilot YouTube Overview Compilation

The 2020 Honda Pilot is an exciting machine; with standard seating for up to eight, a 286-hp V6 engine, plenty of handy storage crannies, and a plethora of sweet features, this vehicle excites humans and dogs alike. You’ll see what we mean.

To give an overview of what makes the Honda Pilot great, we’ve compiled the videos below. Many of them take the same premise and twist it in intriguing ways for an open-ended, postmodern storytelling style. This also gives Honda the opportunity to showcase the many fantastic elements of the 2020 Pilot.

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A man points at large text that reads, "LOAN APPROVED"

Where can I find guaranteed financing for pre-owned vehicles in Salisbury, MD?

Pre-Owned Vehicles with Guaranteed Financing on the Delmarva Peninsula

If you have troubled credit history, it can be difficult to get financing for a car. This can be a bummer, as some people require a car in order to maintain their current lifestyle, and going without one would be a big inconvenience warranting major life changes. For better or worse, modern America was developed with cars in mind.

Luckily, there are still some places that guarantee financing approval on pre-owned vehicles. Where can one find such a selection of models in the Salisbury area? Continue reading

Man in a suit checks the pressure of a flat tire on his car

What are the effects of driving on a tire that’s low on air?

Underinflated Tire Driving Risks

When that tire pressure monitor system, or TPMS, light activates, it can be tempting to just keep driving. In addition, there are times that it’s necessary to drive on a low-air tire in order to get to a place to fill it up. What are the effects and dangers of driving on a tire that’s low on air?

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A hand repeatedly presses a remote start button for a distant car as a cap runs towards it.

Are remote start systems legal in Maryland?

Many drivers look for a remote start system to be included when buying a new car. This convenient system allows the temperature inside a ride to be optimized before one ever gets inside. It’s a delightful way to deal with weather that leaves something to be desired, such as the chilly Maryland winters and toasty summers.

But every state has their own laws regarding remote start systems. The detriments, lawmakers say, are that they can create pollution, waste fuel, and make easy targets for car thieves. Are remote start systems legal in Maryland? Continue reading