Orange 2022 Honda Civic

What will the 2022 Honda Civic look like?

The Honda Civic is simply one of the most beloved vehicles in the business. Currently, we find ourselves on the cusp of the 11th generation of the model. Slated to be available late spring 2021, Honda promises the new Civic will “once again raise the bar for clean design, fun-to-drive performance, safety and advanced technology.”

Hordes of Civic acolytes are clamoring to learn all that they can about the new machine. One of the most pivotal elements, of course, is its appearance. What will the upcoming 2022 Honda Civic look like?

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Silver 2021 Honda Ridgeline

What’s new on the exterior design of the 2021 Honda Ridgeline?

The Honda Ridgeline is known for its rugged, versatile capability; this is a machine that excels on trails as well as highways and twisting mountain roads. It takes on whatever gets in its way with standard V-6 power, a class-leading ride, and tight handling. The inside is blessed with the largest interior in the segment for both passengers and gear, while the bed is highly versatile with an excellent payload capacity.

For 2021, the Honda Ridgeline enjoys a delightful redesign. What’s new for its exterior looks?

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A woman shrugs and looks puzzled

Why are new cars often the same as last year’s model?

If you make a trip to a dealership lot every year, you’ll likely see a lot of the same models, but with different years before their names. Sometimes the cars look slightly different than the year before. Sometimes they look much different. And sometimes they don’t seem to be different at all.

Why do automakers come out with a new model of each car for every year if there are no changes made?

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2021 Honda Accord exterior

What does the 2021 Honda Accord look like?

2021 Honda Accord Video Walkaround

The 2021 Honda Accord receives upgraded styling, technology and safety features across its lineup. There’s a new Sport Special Edition that tosses more premium features onto the driver-favorite Sport 1.5T model. And the Hybrid incarnation gets upsized 19-inch alloy wheels on its Touring trim while enjoying stronger, more responsive acceleration across the board.

If you’re anything like us, all these upgrades have got you pretty darn excited. That’s why we’ve included the walk-around video below so you can see the 2021 Accord in action! Enjoy, and hit us up when you’re done to take one for a test drive on the Delmarva peninsula.

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Blue-illuminated H logo on 2021 Accord

What’s new on the 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid?

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Updates and Upgrades

The Honda Accord is benchmark in the midsize sedan class, and our favorite automaker continues to innovate by bringing a variety of upgrades to the lineup for 2021. Every 2021 Accord gets upgraded styling, technology and safety features. A new Sport Special Edition joins the lineup, which throws additional premium features onto the popular Sport 1.5T incarnation.

On top of all this, the 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid gets a slew of exclusive special blessings. What are they?

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