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See the 2020 Honda commercials here!

Viewing Party: 2020 Honda Model Commercial Compilation

Honda is great at many things; one of those skills lies in making commercials. Sometimes, we just like to sit back and watch them, reveling in the accomplishments of our favorite automaker.

That’s why we’ve compiled the videos below! Enjoy watching the Honda HR-V, Honda Pilot, Honda Odyssey and Honda Passport go on family adventures, delve into enchanted lands, explode into the cosmos (and Disney world), and muck through some mud.

Oh, and if you’d like to see any of the models in person, check out our inventory!

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A mechanic builds a Honda way back in Medieval times as a knight looks on

When did Honda start making cars?

These days, it’s hard to imagine an automotive landscape without Honda. Our favorite carmaker is one of the biggest and best around. To be honest, we’re not even sure we’d be driving if Honda didn’t exist to provide vehicles that so perfectly fit our desires.

But like many now-monolithic corporations, Honda had humble beginnings. When did the company actually start making cars?

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Sunshades in the rear of a 2021 Honda Pilot

What comes on the 2021 Honda Pilot Special Edition trim?

2021 Honda Pilot Special Edition Features

The Honda Pilot continues to ace the midsize SUV class for the 2021 model year. The vehicle does a great job of including features that crossover buyers typically yearn for. It does so while providing a way to transport your family in style, with eight different colors available to choose from (with availability varying depending on trim level).

For 2021, the Pilot gets a new standard nine-speed automatic transmission. There’s also a new trim level called the Special Edition. The Special Edition been acclaimed for bundling a variety of popular options together into one easy trim choice. What comes on the 2021 Honda Pilot Special Edition model?

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Silver 2020 Honda CR-V in front of a city

Is the 2020 Honda CR-V a good compact SUV?

2020 Honda CR-V YouTube Review and Overview Compilation

There’s a lot to take in regarding the 2020 Honda CR-V. To help, we’ve compiled the array of expert YouTube reviews below. By perusing these entertaining and informative offerings, we hope you’ll be able to get a thorough idea of what the 2020 Honda CR-V has to offer.

In addition, we’ve thrown in some helpful overviews of the model from Honda themselves. So sit back, relax, and see if the 2020 Honda CR-V is the right new vehicle for you!

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Red 2020 Honda CR-V drives through a city

Which 2020 Honda CR-V trim should I buy?

2020 Honda CR-V Trim Features and Price Breakdown

If you’re looking for a great compact SUV, it’s pretty easy to make the decision to get a 2020 Honda CR-V. After all, this model is one of the clear leaders in the compact SUV class.

After you’ve made that big decision, however, you find yourself immediately confronted with another: which trim should you choose? Read on below to learn about the key features and starting prices of each 2020 Honda CR-V trim.

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