A driver screams in terror as he realizes his car is a robot.

Are there any new cars that aren’t full of electronics with “everything connected?”

Finding a Bare-Bones Vehicle

There are obvious benefits to the plethora of safety features and electronics in modern vehicles. In fact, we find most consumers to be climbing over each other in enthusiasm as they try to get the vehicle with the most of these cutting-edge gizmos.

However, there are some downsides as well; notably, maintenance costs have increased drastically, and, if you’re mechanically inclined, you likely find it harder to perform maintenance on your own vehicle, resulting in less of a personal connection with your ride than in years past. Many of us continue to understand less and less about the vehicles we drive, and it can be alienating.

What if you want to buy a new car that keeps things simple? Are there any new cars that simply aren’t loaded with safety features and electronics, with everything hopelessly connected inside?

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Though it is possible to find a car that has less technology than others, it gets more difficult every year. Automakers just keep packing in new systems in their ongoing efforts to maximize safety, convenience, connectivity, infotainment, performance, and all the other elements of the vehicular experience.

How can I find a low-tech car?

If you’re after a low-tech vehicle, seek out base models or models that are late in their life cycle. Reviewers will likely refer to such models as “outdated,” but it sounds like that’s just what you’re looking for. Because such under-equipped vehicles are less popular than heavily-outfitted versions, you may have to ask a dealer to special-order them for you.

An alternative option is just to check out pre-owned inventories and seek out a vehicle that’s a few generations old.

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Why is it impossible to get a modern vehicle with no computers inside?

Computers are used in vehicles to manage the engine, helping to increase fuel efficiency and control emissions. With each year, more safety systems become mandatory, and the majority of them require computerized technology. For example, all new or redesigned models now require backup cameras, which means a screen upfront is a necessity.

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