A woman sits and wonders about a bicycle.

Does Honda make bicycles?

Honda Bicycle Production

Honda is renowned for making excellent motorcycles and automobiles. Every year, the conglomerate pumps out a plethora of quality machines. They’ve also tried their hand at some other methods of transportation, such as jet skis.

But what about non-motorized vehicles, such as skateboards, skis, or… bikes? Does Honda make, or have they ever made, a bicycle?

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Honda RN01 Racing Bike

While Honda does not make bicycles for the commercial market, they once made a downhill racing bike known as the Honda RN01. This bicycle was created with the goal of dominating the 2003 Japan Series and World Cup competitions. It has never been made available for consumers, nor has a price ever been announced.

How was the Honda RN01 made?

To create it, the motorcycle and research division of Honda Japan worked with Kayaba Industry Co. Ltd., a company known for working on things like F1 powerboats, snowmobiles, and skyscraper dampening systems. The brainiacs on each team put their heads together to design an in-frame suspension system that could translate unsprung weight into power.

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Are Honda bicycles available for purchase online?

Bicycles claiming to be made by Honda can sometimes be found online, but these are almost certainly not legitimate. We recommend the utmost wariness when dealing with such questionable products.

An example of one presumably knockoff Honda bike is offered for sale on the website overstock.com. Listed under the name “Honda Racing 24-inch Mountain Bike,” this product lists being released in 2007 with its country of origin being China. There are a few rather questionable-sounding positive reviews written in stilted English, all of which put strong emphasis on the bike being “great.”

The most recent review is a one-star rating from a proclaimed bicycle mechanic who states that there is nothing “racing-oriented” about the Honda Racing 24-inch Mountain Bike aside from the multitude of stickers plastered callously across its body. He then does a thorough job of deriding the flaws of the bicycle, which turn out to be, well, basically everything.

One unfortunate buyer, with the username “grandpa,” asks in the question and answers section why the “left peddle and arm (whole assembly)” of his Honda Racing 24-inch Mountain Bike, “keeps coming off.” Luckily, it appears the product has been out of stock for quite some time, thereby sparing any more unwary buyers from such a presumably traumatic experience.

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