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What makes Honda SENSING® Elite worthy of the name?

We at Pohanka Honda have been obsessing over Honda SENSING® for years. This delightful suite of safety features does an excellent, comprehensive job of improving the safety of Honda vehicles.

Now, word has reached our ears that a new version of Honda SENSING® has launched on a model in Japan. Dubbed Honda SENSING® Elite, this latest incarnation of the beloved suite takes some notable steps forward. What’s so special about Honda SENSING® Elite?

Honda SENSING® Elite Safety and Autonomous Driving Features

Perhaps the most notable element of Honda SENSING® Elite is the inclusion of Level 3 automated driving features. This is the first Level 3 automated driving tech to be approved by Japanese authorities. Other highlights include the Traffic Jam Pilot Function, Hands-Off, and Emergency Stop Assist.

Honda SENSING® Elite is another great step toward our favorite automaker’s mission of realizing a collision-free society across the world, as represented in its global safety slogan: “Safety for Everyone.”

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Man takes hands off Honda steering wheel

What is Honda SENSING® Elite?

Honda SENSING® is a suite of advanced safety and driver-assist technologies that can be included on Honda vehicles. The addition of the moniker “Elite” represents the outstanding, “elite” tech that’s been included in the latest version.

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What does the Traffic Jam Pilot function do?

The Traffic Jam Pilot function included in the Honda SENSING® Elite suite qualifies as Level 3 automated driving. This means it is certified to perform conditional automated driving in a limited area. Level 3 automated driving allows the system to drive the vehicle instead of the driver under certain conditions, such as when the vehicle is in congested traffic on the highway.

The Traffic Jam Pilot function, specifically, can take control of acceleration, braking and steering under certain slow speed conditions if the vehicle gets caught in traffic congestion. All the while, the system will monitor the vehicle’s surroundings on behalf of the driver.

Other features of the Honda SENSING® Elite include the Hands-off functionality. This feature will assist in driving even when the driver has their hands off the steering wheel; for it to work, certain conditions must be satisfied, such as driving on the expressway and having Adaptive Cruise Control activated.

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