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Best Tourist Attractions near the Salisbury, MD Region

What are the Places to Visit in the Salisbury, MD Area?

The weekend is coming, and you are still not sure what to do for fun? Well, you are in luck if you live in Salisbury, MD, because there are so many interesting places that you can visit in this city. Therefore, we at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury have made a list of the top three tourist attractions that you can check out.

Salisbury Zoo

If you want to have a great time with your kids or just by yourself, then you can take a trip to the Salisbury Zoo. The place is well-maintained, including the water bodies, plants, etc. You can see quite a few different animals in the zoo. Moreover, there is a nice park, playing ground and a picnic area at the end.


755 S Park Dr

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Arthur W. Perdue Stadium

Do you like baseball? Of course, you do! It’s the favorite American pass-time. Welcome to Arthur W. Perdue Stadium, the home of the Delmarva Shorebirds. The stadium has great seats, which means that you will have an amazing time with your family and friends. The entry fee is very reasonable, and there are a lot of food options available as well.


6400 Hobbs Rd

Flowers and grass with a backdrop of blue sky
Two house doors side-by-side

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Pemberton Historical Park

Finally, we take you to the Pemberton Historical Park. This place has a great hiking trail, wetlands, and ponds. 

There is also an old plantation house that you can check out. This park is ideal for walking your dog or have a picnic with your friends and family.


5561 Plantation Lane

There you go! We hope that now you have an idea about where to spend time with your family in Salisbury, MD. Hence, all you have to do is get into your 2021 Honda Accord and drive to one of these amazing tourist destinations!

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