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2022 Honda Odyssey by some mountains

Why doesn’t the 2022 Honda Odyssey have a vacuum cleaner?

2022 Honda Odyssey Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

The Honda Odyssey has long been known for including unique, creative features that often go a surprisingly long way to increasing the convenience of family life. One of the favorites in this realm has been the vacuum cleaner, or HondaVac, a built-in contraption that could be used to easily vacuum out the rear seats of the favorite minivan.

While the 2022 Honda Odyssey is already here for customers to enjoy, some have been shocked when we at Pohanka Honda admit to them that this overall-excellent, recently redesigned incarnation of the beloved machine does not offer a vacuum cleaner. This is then inevitably followed by the question: why does the 2022 Honda Odyssey not offer a vacuum?

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Blue 2020 Honda Civic on a street

Does Honda have 360-degree camera?

Availability of a Surround View Camera on Honda Vehicles

Honda is known for having quite excellent safety technology in its vehicles. One feature that’s been finding its way onto select cars for several years now is a panoramic, birds-eye, 360-degree camera that displays its perspective through the infotainment screen. This feature is quite helpful for parking and giving one an idea of what’s around their vehicle.

If you’ve been looking at Honda models, you may be having a tough time finding information on the presence of 360-degree cameras. Does Honda make a 360 camera?

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White Honda e drives on highway in front of futuristic buildings

What’s the Honda e?

Honda e Model Details and Potential for U.S. Release

You may have heard tales of a cute little vehicle called the Honda e. This model has been cruising the streets of Europe for about a year now. For many Americans, however, the details of this single-letter-named model remain shrouded in mystery.

What the heck is the Honda e, and will we ever see it in the United States?

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Several blue question marks float over a digital collection of books

Are all Honda Owner’s Manuals available online?

Online Availability of Honda Manuals and Documentation

The internet has made many elements of life easier than before. For recent vehicles, Owner’s Manuals (along with other helpful guides and information) can all be found online. Honda has done a great job providing such documentation for its drivers.

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