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A hand repeatedly presses a remote start button for a distant car as a cap runs towards it.

Are remote start systems legal in Maryland?

Many drivers look for a remote start system to be included when buying a new car. This convenient system allows the temperature inside a ride to be optimized before one ever gets inside. It’s a delightful way to deal with weather that leaves something to be desired, such as the chilly Maryland winters and toasty summers.

But every state has their own laws regarding remote start systems. The detriments, lawmakers say, are that they can create pollution, waste fuel, and make easy targets for car thieves. Are remote start systems legal in Maryland? Continue reading

Maryland state capitol building

When is the economy slated to re-open in Maryland?

Social distancing and quarantine are working better than predicted to slow the impact of the coronavirus here in the U.S. Of course, forcing businesses to close and citizens to stay home does have some detrimental effects, especially for the health of the general economy and businesses.

Because of this, there has been mounting pressure over the past several weeks for quarantine measures to be relaxed. President Trump has left the decision for re-opening in the hands of each individual state.  What’s the timeline put in place for re-opening and lifting quarantine here in Maryland? Continue reading

A woman in a red dress approaches the open door of a 2020 Honda Accord

Where can I shop for a new Honda online in Salisbury, MD?

With everyone being encouraged to stay home as much as possible for the time-being, you might feel reticent towards the idea of going to a car dealership. Even though we here at Pohanka Honda are taking great precautions to ensure our dealership reminds a safe, sanitary environment, the best practice remains staying hunkered down in one’s residence. But luckily, thanks to modern technology, many of the services we used to utilize with our physical bodies can now be accessed digitally via the internet.

One of the things we used to do before the coronavirus altered society was shop for and purchase new cars. Where can shop for a vehicle online (and have it delivered) in Salisbury, MD? Continue reading

Two burly men check the level of oil in a vehicle

Where can I find Honda service in Salisbury, MD during COVID-19?

The word we’ve seen tossed around without stop since the coronavirus started picking up steam is “unprecedented.” And there’s a reason for this: such an impactful event to the daily lives of literally everyone on the planet does feel truly unprecedented.

In Salisbury, and all across the Delmarva Peninsula, countless businesses have closed down. Residents are sheltering in their homes. But, from time to time, people still need to drive, and for that, they need cars.

So what if your car needs maintenance during these trying times? Where can one find vehicle service, and even OEM-certified Honda service, still operating in Salisbury, MD? Continue reading

A variety of healthy food sits on a table in someones house, beside some books with foreign titles.

Where can I order groceries in Salisbury MD during COVID-19 quarantine?

Grocery Stores Providing Delivery in Salisbury, MD during the Coronavirus

Though humanity doesn’t know everything yet about COVID-19, one particular precautionary order has been repeated far and wide: stay home. Though many consider it a necessity to leave the house to get groceries, it actually is not; thanks to the wonders of our modern world, many grocery stores will deliver right to your door.

Crowds are considered a top risk in contracting the coronavirus, which makes a trip to the grocery store a problematic endeavor. Luckily, the virus is not likely to be transmitted by food or food service, according to Dr. Ian William, chief of the Outbreak Response and Prevention Branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is, of course, according to the information that the experts have at the moment, and (as we’ve seen illustrated vividly over the past two weeks), anything is subject to change.

So a good solution is to simply order one’s groceries for delivery. Where can one do so in Salisbury, MD? Continue reading