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Top 2 Public Libraries in Salisbury, MD

Are there any Public Libraries in the Salisbury, MD Area?

Somethings never change, and nor should they. Reading a book at a public library is one of them. Although we have the internet at our disposal, there is something satisfying about holding a book in your hand instead of a phone. Right? If you are one who still enjoys going to a library, then this blog post is for you. Although the city of Salisbury, MD, does not have too many libraries, we at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury have found two libraries that you can check out!

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List of the Best Steakhouses in Salisbury, MD

What are the Best Steakhouses in the Salisbury, MD Region?

It’s nice to break the rules sometimes. We all should eat healthy food, but every once in a while, you just want to have that prime cut. If you are a resident of Salisbury, MD, then you are in luck. We at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury in Salisbury, MD, have a list of the best steakhouses in the city. Give this blog post a read to find out more about them!

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Best Tourist Attractions near the Salisbury, MD Region

What are the Places to Visit in the Salisbury, MD Area?

The weekend is coming, and you are still not sure what to do for fun? Well, you are in luck if you live in Salisbury, MD, because there are so many interesting places that you can visit in this city. Therefore, we at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury have made a list of the top three tourist attractions that you can check out.

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Family eagerly approaches a Honda Odyssey

Does Honda sponsor Ozark?

Why the Honda Odyssey Appears Prominently in Ozark

Honda models are not only great for cruising around on the Delmarva Peninsula; they also make for excellent set pieces in movies and television shows. However, sometimes Honda models are so prominent in a piece of media that you have to wonder: did Honda have a hand in this?

One recent example of a show with a bevy of Honda product and imagery is the Netflix show Ozark. The Honda Odyssey, along with a smattering of other Honda vehicles, appears so prominently in the first episode that our team here at Pohanka Honda soon found themselves wondering: did Honda sponsor Ozark?

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Where can I get a used vehicle with warranty coverage on Maryland’s Eastern Shore?

Used Vehicles with Warranty Coverage in Salisbury, MD

Used vehicles are usually a great bargain; you get to forgo the pain of the massive depreciation that occurs the second you drive new car off the lot. However, there are some benefits that typically come with a new car that don’t come used for us here on the Delmarva Peninsula. One of these fickle benefits is warranty coverage.

Luckily for the warranty-oriented out there, more dealerships are starting to offer warranty coverage with used vehicles. This includes us here at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury!

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