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A hand repeatedly presses a remote start button for a distant car as a cap runs towards it.

Are remote start systems legal in Maryland?

Many drivers look for a remote start system to be included when buying a new car. This convenient system allows the temperature inside a ride to be optimized before one ever gets inside. It’s a delightful way to deal with weather that leaves something to be desired, such as the chilly Maryland winters and toasty summers.

But every state has their own laws regarding remote start systems. The detriments, lawmakers say, are that they can create pollution, waste fuel, and make easy targets for car thieves. Are remote start systems legal in Maryland? Continue reading

An assortment of Fast & Furious-themed toy Honda cars

What toys does Honda make?

Honda Miniature Model YouTube Compilation

Our favorite automaker doesn’t only make cars; it also makes miniature models of cars. Diecast Honda models are lovingly detailed, to-scale replicas of many of our favorite rides. They make great toys for kids and great showpieces for collectors alike. People even customize them, restore them, and perform maintenance as they would on a full-sized machine.

To help you experience some of the Honda-model-car-coolness for yourself, we’ve compiled a compilation of YouTube videos showcasing the toy vehicles below. Get a sampling of the different Honda toy models and their possible uses, and you might find yourself joining this unique community before you know it. Continue reading

God performs a cosmic weighing of the volume of Honda automobiles produced Vs. Honda motorcycles.

Does Honda make more cars or motorcycles?

Honda Cars Vs. Motorcycles

To some, Honda is primarily a car brand. But to others, the first association that comes to their mind is motorcycles. After all, the biggest Honda products are automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment.

So which does Honda make the most of? Does Honda primarily make cars or motorcycles?

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Honda makes more motorcycles than cars, taking into account both the full span of their history and the most recent production year. Motorcycles are smaller and simpler than cars, and thus cheaper and faster to both build and purchase. They may especially benefit from sales in developing countries where many people do not have money for cars (which may also be too large to be practical in the crowded streets), but who can improve their state-of-living by purchasing a motorbike.

Sure, Honda makes more motorcycles than cars. But what about bicycles?

How many cars and motorcycles has Honda built?

Since their first motorcycle was released in 1949, Honda has made over 400 million motorcycles. The automaker reached this milestone just last year, in December 2019. The feat took seventy years to accomplish.

A figure representing the total number of automobiles built is not so readily available. However, Honda did report selling 5.3-million automobiles in the 2019 fiscal year. While being 124,000 more automobiles than they sold the previous year, this figure was still far below the 20.3-million motorcycles sold by the conglomerate. Of their total automotive sales, more than 40 percent occurred in Asia.

Did Honda originally make cars or motorcycles?

Honda made motorcycles before they made cars. Their first motorcycle, the D-Type, or “Dream,” came out in 1949. The first automobile (actually a mini pick-up truck known as the Honda T630) went on sale in 1963.

Originally, however, Honda did not sell cars or motorcycles. The company formed in 1937 to make piston rings, and began to grow in success when they won a contract to supply the part to Toyota.