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2022 Honda Odyssey by some mountains

Why doesn’t the 2022 Honda Odyssey have a vacuum cleaner?

2022 Honda Odyssey Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

The Honda Odyssey has long been known for including unique, creative features that often go a surprisingly long way to increasing the convenience of family life. One of the favorites in this realm has been the vacuum cleaner, or HondaVac, a built-in contraption that could be used to easily vacuum out the rear seats of the favorite minivan.

While the 2022 Honda Odyssey is already here for customers to enjoy, some have been shocked when we at Pohanka Honda admit to them that this overall-excellent, recently redesigned incarnation of the beloved machine does not offer a vacuum cleaner. This is then inevitably followed by the question: why does the 2022 Honda Odyssey not offer a vacuum?

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2022 Honda Civic drives on street at night

Where can I watch the 11th generation Honda Civic reveal?

See the Full All-New 2022 Honda Civic Reveal Video Here!

The 11th generation Honda Civic promises to be the most fun-to-drive, technologically advanced incarnation of the Civic Sedan in the nearly 50-year history of the model. And that’s saying something.

Check out the full reveal video below. See the clean, modern design, high-tech interior, veritable slew of advanced active and passive safety systems, and more. We at Pohanka Honda have been eagerly awaiting more information on this upcoming machine since its original preview as a prototype back in November 2020, and now here it is! Enjoy.

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Family eagerly approaches a Honda Odyssey

Are minivans expensive to insure?

Average Minivan Insurance Rates Vs. Other Vehicle Types

Minivans have a lot of obvious benefits, such as spaciousness, cargo room, comfort, and overall practicality as a family hauler. Sometimes, however, people get the notion in their head that minivans are more expensive to insure than other vehicles. How much does it cost to insure a minivan?

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White Honda e drives on highway in front of futuristic buildings

What’s the Honda e?

Honda e Model Details and Potential for U.S. Release

You may have heard tales of a cute little vehicle called the Honda e. This model has been cruising the streets of Europe for about a year now. For many Americans, however, the details of this single-letter-named model remain shrouded in mystery.

What the heck is the Honda e, and will we ever see it in the United States?

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Several vehicles charge at an EVGO charging station

Do all EVs plug in?

EVs Vs. Plug-In EVs

The automotive world is rife with news about electric vehicles these days. Nearly every major automaker is preparing a sizable fleet of EVs to be unleashed on the market in the coming years.

Despite being on the cusp of an EV revolution, the workings of electric rides are still shrouded in mystery for many individuals. One question, for example, is: do all EVs get their power by plugging in?

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