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Man in a suit checks the pressure of a flat tire on his car

What are the effects of driving on a tire that’s low on air?

Underinflated Tire Driving Risks

When that tire pressure monitor system, or TPMS, light activates, it can be tempting to just keep driving. In addition, there are times that it’s necessary to drive on a low-air tire in order to get to a place to fill it up. What are the effects and dangers of driving on a tire that’s low on air?

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A gavel rests on a book of Law.

Is flat towing illegal?

Dinghy Towing Laws

Flat towing, also called dinghy towing, refers to the practice of towing a vehicle wherein the towed vehicle has all four wheels on the ground. There are a variety of reasons you may be looking to flat tow a car. Perhaps you’re going on a trip and want an extra vehicle with you. Perhaps a car broke down and you’re looking to easily tow it. It’s a pretty straightforward process after all; just hook up the towed vehicle with a tow bar to whatever’s doing the towing.

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Two silhouettes cross a street in front of a line of headlights in a nighttime snow storm.

Tips for Winter Driving on the Delmarva Peninsula

How can drivers stay safe while driving in ice and snow?

Winter has come early this year, and though fall is still fighting valiantly to fend it off, we know in the end it will be a losing battle. And so we must again accept the inevitable.

But while we can’t stop winter from coming, we can do our best to be prepared. Once the snow really starts to fall and the roads freeze over, how can one stay safe in Salisbury and the surrounding areas? Here follows a variety of helpful tips, with information courtesy of our good friends at the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration.

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Prepare Your Vehicle

Before the season starts, (or as soon as possible), have your vehicle serviced. A service department should closely inspect your vehicle’s battery, cooling system, windshield wipers, defrosters, and tires. Also, fill up your wiper fluid reservoir with high quality no-freeze fluid.

When Driving:

  • As always, buckle up and ensure your passengers do so too.
  • If there’s a snow emergency, stay off the road if you can. If you can’t, give yourself plenty of extra time to reach your destination and drive with caution.
  • Don’t think you’re invincible because you have four-wheel drive; such vehicles are actually just as vulnerable to slipping on ice as those with two-wheel drive.
  • If you start to skid, don’t slam on your brakes. Take your foot off the gas and steer in the direction of the skid.
  • Give plenty of extra distance to other vehicles. Especially snowplows. This will provide you with the necessary extra stopping space.
  • Remember that bridges and ramps are the first to freeze, so be especially careful on these.
  • Never try passing a snowplow or salt truck. They don’t have great visibility, and something bad could result. It’s recommended drivers stay at least 25 feet (three car lengths) behind a snow emergency vehicle.
  • If you do get stranded, the safest place to wait for help is in your car. Just be careful not to run your vehicle for too long with the windows up or in an enclosed space. This is to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. For the same reason, clear your exhaust pipe of any snow and just run the engine sporadically; enough to stay warm.

Before Every Drive:

Before heading out into the Winter Dangerland, make sure your car is properly prepped for the drive; though we don’t have time to get into the details here, there are a variety of items you should have with you in your vehicle. Also make sure that all snow and ice is removed from your car before you go. This is in addition to the seasonal maintenance mentioned above.

side view of a red 2019 Honda Ridgeline

How Safe is the 2019 Honda Ridgeline at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury?

Uninformed people will tell you that a new pickup truck need only outpower and outperform the competition to be the best truck available, but that’s certainly not the case when you talk to truck owners and connoisseurs. In fact, while power and capability are certainly at or near the top of list for all truck shoppers, safety is also incredibly important. And that’s just one reason why the new Honda Ridgeline lineup at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury on the Delmarva Peninsula is so popular. Thanks to a comprehensive suite of advanced new safety and driver assistance features, safety isn’t an issue for the 2019 Ridgeline lineup. But just how safe is the 2019 Honda Ridgeline at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury? Well, let’s check out some of those safety and driver assistance features to find out.

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What Are Some of the Best Safety and Driver Assistance Systems Featured with the 2019 Honda Ridgeline Lineup at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury on the Delmarva Peninsula?

As we mentioned throughout our introduction, the 2019 Honda Ridgeline lineup boasts some truly impressive safety and driver assistance features. Since this is a new Honda model we’re talking about, at the top of the list is, of course, the Honda Sensing® suite of driver assistive and safety technologies. This suite includes the Collision Mitigation Braking System™, Forward Collision Warning technology, Road Departure Mitigation technology complete with Lane Departure Warning capabilities, the Lane Keeping Assist System, and Adaptive Cruise Control capabilities. Models like the 2019 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E and Black Edition also feature LED low-beam head lights.

If you would like to learn even more about the 2019 Honda Ridgeline lineup and everything else that comes along with it, or if you would like to learn even more about any of our other new Honda cars, trucks and SUVs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury on the Delmarva Peninsula.

5 Useful, Fun and Inexpensive Accessories You Need For Your Car

Tired of having your belongings slip between your car’s seats? Unsure what to do if you get a flat tire? Even your dream car can drive you crazy with these little annoyances. Here is a list of tools and accessories to keep in your car at all times to make those little inconveniences disappear for good.


  1. Drop Stop

Drop Stop is an Automotive Car Seat Gap Filler that you place and mold around your seat belt holder preventing even the smallest things from falling in between your car’s seats. Your cell phone, wallet and even loose change are safe with these pads around.


  1. Fix A Flat

This is most definitely not a permanent solution to a flat tire but having a can of Fix A Flat in your car can get you out of a sticky situation if you blow a tire. It will seal the popped tire in minutes and allow you to get to one of our service departments safely so your car can be properly looked at and repaired.


  1. Rain-X

Weather your dealing with rain, frost, ice or even bugs Rain-X has you covered. This spray on solution prevents all types of harsh weather from impeding your vision through your windshield. It makes driving in extreme conditions easier and much more safe.


  1. Glove Box Organizer

Its very important to have the right documents and contact information in your glove box in case anything were to happen. With a Glove Box Organizer you are sure to have your registration, insurance info, salesperson business card and more at your fingertips in minutes.


  1. Steering Wheel Desk

Does your car ever become a place where you end up working or needing to eat a meal? If so you might want to consider purchasing a Steering Wheel Desk. This one of a kind desk attaches to your steering wheel so, while you’re pulled over, you have a portable work space or personal table. Once your done simply slid it under your seat and your ready to go.


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