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Honda zips through a futuristic city, surrounded by auras

What makes Honda SENSING® Elite worthy of the name?

We at Pohanka Honda have been obsessing over Honda SENSING® for years. This delightful suite of safety features does an excellent, comprehensive job of improving the safety of Honda vehicles.

Now, word has reached our ears that a new version of Honda SENSING® has launched on a model in Japan. Dubbed Honda SENSING® Elite, this latest incarnation of the beloved suite takes some notable steps forward. What’s so special about Honda SENSING® Elite?

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Are all Honda Owner’s Manuals available online?

Online Availability of Honda Manuals and Documentation

The internet has made many elements of life easier than before. For recent vehicles, Owner’s Manuals (along with other helpful guides and information) can all be found online. Honda has done a great job providing such documentation for its drivers.

But what about older Honda models? Is every single Honda Owner’s Manual ever written available on the internet? Continue reading

Man in a suit checks the pressure of a flat tire on his car

What are the effects of driving on a tire that’s low on air?

Underinflated Tire Driving Risks

When that tire pressure monitor system, or TPMS, light activates, it can be tempting to just keep driving. In addition, there are times that it’s necessary to drive on a low-air tire in order to get to a place to fill it up. What are the effects and dangers of driving on a tire that’s low on air?

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Is flat towing illegal?

Dinghy Towing Laws

Flat towing, also called dinghy towing, refers to the practice of towing a vehicle wherein the towed vehicle has all four wheels on the ground. There are a variety of reasons you may be looking to flat tow a car. Perhaps you’re going on a trip and want an extra vehicle with you. Perhaps a car broke down and you’re looking to easily tow it. It’s a pretty straightforward process after all; just hook up the towed vehicle with a tow bar to whatever’s doing the towing.

But one question remains: is it legal to flat tow a vehicle? Or is it against the law? Continue reading