A steak served with potato slices and tomato slices

List of the Best Steakhouses in Salisbury, MD

What are the Best Steakhouses in the Salisbury, MD Region?

It’s nice to break the rules sometimes. We all should eat healthy food, but every once in a while, you just want to have that prime cut. If you are a resident of Salisbury, MD, then you are in luck. We at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury in Salisbury, MD, have a list of the best steakhouses in the city. Give this blog post a read to find out more about them!

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Rear Car Seat Belts Lock View

How to use the rear seat belt reminder? 

A Video on How to Use the Rear Seat Belt Reminder 

Front seat belt reminders are quite common in vehicles these days. But what about rear seat belt reminders? To ensure that the rear seat occupants are properly buckled up, Honda vehicles have a new feature where there will be a notification displayed on the driver information interface screen, where it shows whether the rear seat doors are open/closed and whether the rear seat belts are fastened/unfastened. Also, a beeper would sound if any of the rear seat belts were unfastened. Intrigued to learn how to use the rear seat belt reminder? Watch the video below from the official YouTube channel of Honda to learn more about the same, presented to you by Pohanka Honda of Salisbury in Salisbury, MD. 

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Great Grapes Festival near Salisbury. MD

Which are the 3 best vegan restaurants in Salisbury?

Best Vegan Restaurants in Salisbury, MD

Vegan Restaurant Week in Maryland is a beautiful treat for vegans and non-vegans alike. Join us in bringing back vegan and vegetarian establishments in Salisbury, MD. Veganism has surged in popularity over the last few years. Restaurants are being urged to offer healthier menus that include whole food plant-based dishes. These are good for your health, reduce animal cruelty, and reduce pollution. A wide range of plant-based and/or vegan menu items are available. So, which are the 3 best vegan restaurants in Salisbury? If you’re looking for the best vegan restaurants in Salisbury, MD, read ahead to find out! 

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A woman holding a clipboard

List of Best Schools in the Salisbury, MD Area

What are the Best Schools in the Salisbury, MD Region?

When you are a parent, very few things in life take precedence over your children’s education. If you live in the Salisbury, MD area, and are looking for the best schools in town, then we at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury have a list that may pique your interest. Take a look!

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